October 27, 2019

The department of Religious Affairs at Alkufa Grand Mosque keeps going its arrangements related to holding the ninth Assafeer National Quranic Contest for memorizing and Recitation which will coincide with the celebrations in the occasion of Our prophet's and his Grandson's birth on Month of Rabi'ee Alaawal 1441 A.H

Sheikh .Hadi Zanjeel , head of the department , said " the work is continuous in holding the activities through the arrangements of the place where it is due to be held the contest as well as the invitation were sent to the ministry of Endowments in Kurdistan Regional , Sunni Endowment, Quranic Department at Shiite Endowment , committee of PMF , holy shrines, the Secretariat General of Holy Shrines and to the Quranic Forums in Wasit Governorate."

It is worthy to mention that the National Quranic  Contest  is one of Assafeer Contest for intellectual creativity and it is considered one of most important contest held on the Local level.