October 24, 2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand  Mosque and holy shrines attached to it goes on its cultural activities and cultural projects aimed at raising the awareness of the society toward the virtue such as what Hadith says " The asking for science is an obligation to each Moslem " , so the secretariat has worked on opening Assafeer center for Eradication of Illiteracy at Alkufa Grand Mosque where it is run by a specialist educational cadre in coordination with the directorate of Education in Annajaf City.

Haj. Abid Ali Elebrahimee , head of Public Relation Department talked to news center " after they students  had  passed  the basic stages , the fifth grade is opened which is equal to its similar at the public schools . The supplies and texts were distributed over the  25 students from both gender ",

" this project comes within the series of cultural and developing activities held by the secretariat where part of them are held in coordination with academic and cultural institutions aimed at helping the uneducated people ." He Elebrahimee added.