October 24 ,2019

Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi , secretary –general of Alkufa  Grand Mosque and holy shrine attached to it , held a meeting with the heads of departments for discussing the activities run by the secretariat of mosque in the next time and the meeting was attended by the assistance of secretary –general for cultural affairs .

The arrangements for holding 9th Assafeer National  Quranic Contest which is coincided with the celebrations of blessing birth of our prophet and his grandson Imam Asadiq ( AS) on the coming month of Rabi'e Alawal , as well as the arrangements of  9th cultural season were discussed which is due to be started on month of Juamadi Alakhra . Moreover, the arrangements of the  activity of Arabic calligraphy, coincided with the birth of Imam Ali ( AS),were discussed where this activity is inclusively celebrated by the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque.

It is worthy to mention that these activities held by the secretariat especially the Quranic and Cultural ones aim at spreading the message of Hussaini uprising emissary Moslem Bin Aqeel ( AS) .