October 13, 2019

Today ,Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi, secretary –general of Alkufa  Grand Mosque, received in his office , His eminence Sayed. Abdul Fatah Anawab , the representative of Islamic Republic of Iran for Haj and Omrah affairs .

He Almussawi confirmed that the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque worked on offering the needed services to the visitors and it has mobilized whole its efforts for providing thousands of Arbaeen visitors with the best services explaining that there has been a coordination among the whole institutes to undertake the honoring of the service of Imam Hussein's visitors.

From His part Sayed. Anawab expressed of his thanks and gratitude to the efforts offered by Alkufa Grand Mosque secretariat to the visitors referring  that despite the huge numbers of visitors but nobody complains from any kind of shortage in essential services and that came as a result of the successful management and the efforts of employees.