September 28, 2019


Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi , secretary-general of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Holy Shrines attached to it , confirmed on the necessity of offering an exceptional efforts for keeping the safety and security of honorable visitors durinf the visit of Arba'een .

During his meeting  with the head of keeping order department and its employees He Almussawi said " it is important to review the security measures followed during the past visits and try to overcome the obstacles which may face the visitors and the employee in this department, who be in touch with the visitors , must have flexibility and be patient to contain the stress for providing them with the suitable circumstances to perform their visit".

From his part Haj. Ali Aramahi, head of keeping order department , said " the  arrangements are ongoing  for organizing the movement of thousands of Iraqi and foreign visitors from those whom come to Alkufa mosque as well as the mechanisms of entering and exiting were discussed and there will be a coordination with the security authorities to keep the visitors' safety "