September 23rd 2019

The house of Quran at Alkufa Grand Mosque secretariat innovated a new unit for memorizing the Noble Quran for both genders and there will be course held by the secretariat for enlisting  from those who wish to be listed in these courses.

Sheikh. Shaheed Almansori talked to news media " the aim behind the innovation of this unit is to originated the Quranic Culture and fixed it inside the hearts basing on our prophet saying " Grow up your children on three features : adoring of your prophet and his household and reading the holy Quarn",

" The Greatest Messenger Course for memorizing the noble Quran received the students graduated from the last  course held by the house of Quran for teaching the correct reading where the house calls on the students from those who wish to join these courses." Sheikh Almansori added.

The course will held in a lecture per day and that will go on till the beginning of the new scholar year and at that time the course will be available for those who want to continue .