September 23rd 2019

Sayed . Muhammad Almussawi, Secretary –General of Alkufa Grand Mosque , and the delegation accompanied him  attended  the activities of launching Trateel Sajadyah 6th international festival  held at holy shrine of Imam Hussein (AS). The conference is coincided with the occasion of Imam Asajad's martyrdom and it is held under the motto     ( Social Justice in the treaties of rights by Imam Asajad ( AS) . The activities of launching was attended by his eminence Sayed Ala'a Almussawi , president of Shiite Endowment , Foreign and Arabic Delegation .

His eminence Sayed. Ala'a  Almussawi said in his speech " Imam Asajad ( AS) had  great ideological and   ethical legacy  connecting to divine knowledge . Therefore , the whole must depend on this great model,"

" There are components and entities that try to deteriorate  the society and youths as well as they want to make them stay away from work and excluding the society from the origins of mercifulness and humanitarian through the use of social media " he Almussawi added.