September 16th 2019

A delegation of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat participated in the 1st Regional Conference for Health Service  in Arba'een held  under the slogan " The Health service is a safety valve for visits of Arba'een " by Abbasyah holy shrine  .  The conference was sponsored by Ministry of Health and environment  and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research .

Sayed . Muhanad Anafakh, member of delegation and in charge on  Occupational and Health safety  section talked to news center " The conference concentrated on the health and medical services offered during Million visits and highlighted the health problems during these visits and how we can be benefit from the previous trials in developing the health services."

" the conferences suggested a number of recommendations where one of them is founded an independent committee affiliated to presidency of ministers to undertake the responsibility in supplying the whole services and to put the health services among its priorities as well as founding a directorate for caring on health services offering during these million visits and to work on raising the health awareness during the visits by using mass media , Satellite TVs  and publishing leaflets which is  incited on health caring." He cleared.