September 7, 2019

The section of Hussaini Rituals affiliated to the Religious  Affairs Department  at Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat goes on supporting the Hussaini service Mawakibs  during the religious occasions , especially these of Muhram .

Sheikh . Hadi Zanjeel , head of Religious Affairs Department , talked to news center " the secretariat supports Hussaini Mawakibs in Alkufa city financially and materially including the water made at Assafer purification plant",

" the role of Hussaini Rituals section doesn’t confine to the supporting mentioned above but it instructs these Mawakibs with some instructions such keeping the streets clean , avoid blocking the roads , removing the leftovers of the holding of these memorial services , keep holing pray at its time and reducing the volume of loudspeakers ." he added.