September 4, 2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Msoque and Holy Shrines attached to it holds its annual memorial service during the first tenth days of Muhram to commemorate the great sacrifices of Imam Hussein ( AS) and his pure family as well as it goes on supporting the Hussaini processions.

The courtyard of Alkufa grand mosque witnessed  holding the memorial service for third day respectively where his eminence . Sheikh Ahmad Arubai'e delivered his lecture with attending of His eminence Sayed. Ala'a Almussawi , head of Shiite Endowment , Sayed. Mussa taqi Alkhlkhaly , Manager- general of Shiite Holy Shrine and pure holy places office , and  Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi, Secretary- General of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it .