July 7th 2019

Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi, Secretary-General of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it  said " the serving of honorable visitors , especially during the million visits is among the rituals which must be revived according to the orders of Allah (SW)" .

" Hussaini processions have to take their real role in making aware to the society in order to take up the bad phenomena and build the ethical , religious and educational side of the man and to correct its manner within the society". He almussawi confirmed.

The means of cooperation and tackling of issues relating to Hussain processions were discussed as well as the coordination with Alkufa grand mosque Secretariat was discussed, especially during the commemoration of  Moslems bin Aqeel and Hani Bin Erwa ( AS).

Sayed . Muhammad Almussawi  hailed the cooperation between the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Annajaf Procession for serving the city of Kufa and Annajaf Province stressing on the maintenance of work together also he recommended in providing the needed facilities for securing the safe and comfortable getting in and out to the procession during the million visits.