July 31st 2019

A delegation of Alkufa Grand Mosque congratulated Brigadier .Gen Fai'q Falaih Alfatlawi for his occupying the new position as a commander of Annajaf Police .

The delegation which included Haj.Ali Aramahi , Head of Keeping Order Department and Haj. Abid Ali Alebrahimee, Head of Public Relation Department, discussed with the Commander of Annajaf Police the means of cooperation during the million visits , especially the visit of Moslem's Bin Aqeel and Hani's Bin Erwa ( AS) Martyrdom where the secretariat of Alkufa will hold the memorial services in upcoming days.

From his part, Brig.General Alfatlawi thanked this step and hailed the services offered by the secretariat to the honorable visitors of the mosque as well as he confirmed on the continuity of keeping the cooperation and coordination between the secretariat and the commandant of Annajaf Police.