July 30th 2019

Sayed .Muhammad Almussawi , secretary –general of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to confirmed during his meeting  with the heads of Mawkib in Alkufa  city for discussing their arrangements for the annual occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel Martyrdom , that " the nations that respect their great men,  are living nations and they will not be diminished and these nations did so to make them       alive in the memory of the society and to be their model for guiding the generations one by one "

He Almussawi called on completing the necessary needs for this occasion as well as to follow the restrictions of Marje'yah and not violated the public order .

From his part , Sheikh.Hadi Zenjeedl , head of religious affairs department mentioned that " the secretariat of Alkufa grand mosque will complete the procedures related to the loactions of Mawkib also to supply them with what they need for serving the honorable visitors.

The heads of Makib hailed the efforts  offered by the secretariat aimed at providing the visitors with the needed services and its supporting to  the processions ( Mawkib).