July 25 ,2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Msoque and Holy Shrines attached to it keeps its arrangements for reciving the mourners on the occasion of Moselm's  bin Aqeel (AS) Hani's Bin Erwa (AS) martyrdom dated on Thilhiha 8th ,1440 AH corresponding to August 10th 2019 .

The meetings hall at Moslem's Bin Akeel residence house witnessed the attendance of Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi, secretary –general of Alkufa Grand Mosque and heads of Public Relation , keeping order , Religious Affairs . The meeting also was attended by the administrative officer of Alkufa City , managers of service departments and the representative of security offices where the means of cooperation between the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Msoque and them were discussed for  providing the mourning processions with what they need and overcoming the obstacles that may hinder their works.

The attendances agreed on cooperating and overcoming that may face the mourning processions and supplied them with what they will need from the necessities.

It is worthy to mention that the secretariat of Alkufa Grand mosque will hold its memorial services for three night respectively where the mourning procession from inside and outside Annajaf city  will be received for holding their memorial services on the occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel martyrdom .