July 23nd 2019

The Secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it participate in the security meeting with the command of Annajaf police to put the proper security  plans of the occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel Martyrdom . The meeting was attended by the directors of the security departments in the governorate .

Sayed. Mohammad Almussawi , Secretary –General of Alkufa Grand Mosque , talked to the news center on the sideline of the meeting " the preparations for commemorating the  occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel ( AS) martyrdom where these preparations included putting a security plan to keep the order, the stability of the city and to facilitate the entrance of visitors coming from outside and inside Iraq as well as the overcoming of obstacles which may face the honorable visitors ",

"  an operation room was formed in order to facilitate the entrance of Mawkibs and the adopting procedures for protecting the mourners in the occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel and Hani's bi Erwa Martyrdom  were discussed , also the means of cooperation with the security authorities were reviewed" He Almussawi Added.

The secretary –General called on the visitors to follow the restrictions issued by the security authorities and show the utmost cooperation with the security forces to achieve their rituals in a stable atmospheres.

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand mosque was represented by the attendance of the secretary –general , Haj. Ali Aramahi, head of Keeping Order Department , Haj. Abid Ali Alebrahimee , head of Public Relation Department  and Sheikh . Hadi Zinjeel , Head of Religious Affairs Department.