July 20th 2019

Sayed. Muhammad Majeed Almussawi , secretary –general of A;kufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it, a meeting with the heads of departments and in charges on  sections to discuss the arrangements which are due to be adopted on the occasion of Moslem's bin Aqeel ( As) martyrdom  on Thilhijah 8th 1440  corresponding to August 10th 2019 .

He Amussawi called on the attendants to put the necessary  and  suitable plans  for offering the good services to the visitors especially the plans of departments which are in contacting with visitors as well as to find the quick solutions to overcome the obstacles .

The meeting came within the series of  meeting to follow up the plan of each department  previously prepared to receive the tens of thousands of visitors  who will come to revive this occasion, also there will be  committees  for providing the Mawkib (processions ) ,which are due to be set up in the area  surrounding the mosque ,with what they  need .Moreover the secretariat will support  more than 30 servicing  Mawkib in Kufa city .

Regarding the media , the attendants decided to cover the memorial services, which will be lasted for three nights, and broadcast them by the satellite TVs  where the Hussaini orator Muhammad Hujairat and Sheikh Zaman Alhisnawi .