July 16th 2019

The Students' Cultural Camp , held under the sponsorship of the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque , was concluded  by holding a festival which was attended by Academic and Religious Figures . The camp included more than one thousand students where they came from different Iraqi Universities and Institutes .

Haj. Abid Ali Al -ebrahimee , head of Public Relation Department at Alkufa Grand Mosque , said during concluding festival   " The youths have a distinguished and important role in developing  and building the societies . Moreover  the societies which are  contained high rate of youth ages, are a strong ones being the youthful power moves and raises these societies . Thus  they are a strong pillar for any nation and the base of the progressing an developing beside they are its builders and defenders.

He Al-ebrahimee stressed on the necessity of  adhering to the  approach of Ahlu-Elbeit  (AS) in our daily life to surly earn the happiness and success as well as the visiting of holy shrines is the clear way for the positive changing in the daily behave of believers .

From its part , the forum of University Communication honored the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque as an evaluation for its efforts in sponsoring the Students' Cultural Camp.

It is worthy to mention that the proclamation project  for the students of Universities  is held in cooperation with Hawza and under the sponsorship of the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque where the different services and necessities were provided during the holding the camp which was lasted for month and the aim of it is to create a ware generation to face the deviated thoughts storming the Islamic nation .