July 14t 2019

Sayed . Muhammad Majeed Almussawi, secretary –general of Alkufa Grand Mosque , and Haj Abid Ali Elbrahimee , head of public relation department , received the delegation of the holy Shrine of Imam Aridha (AS) which was carrying the banner of the holy shrine to blessing with it and that coincided with His (AS) auspicious birth (AS) .  

He Almussawi  welcomed the delegation and stressed on the bilateral cooperation between the holy shrine and the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque to offer the best services to the honorable visitors  as well as He referred to the pleasures in these nowadays which witness the auspicious birth of Imam Aridha (AS) and his sister Masuma (AS) prying Allah (SW) to guide us for serving these holy edifices .

From its part , the delegation expressed of its thanks and gratitude for the warm welcome also it expressed its impression on the services offered by the secretariat  to the visitors of the mosque especially  the visitors of Islamic Republic of Iran .