July 14th 2019

Mr. Thulfiqar Alhaidari , Head of Media department , confirmed that the real media interests at prompting the values and ethics which change the awareness of the individuals of society as well as it expresses of the principles of justice .

That came on the sideline of media forum which is held by  Mr. Lu'ay Alyassiry , Annajaf Governor, for discussing and honoring the media family referring that the Islamic Media is a clever media because it seeks the accurate news before publishing it and that emerges from Moslem's cult so the Islamic media bases on fact.

Mr. Alyassiry stressed on the importance of the role of media in supporting the local government in accomplishing the projects as well as he Alyassiry called on social raising through the media and protecting the artistic , scientific and literature heritage.

at the end of Forum the Governor Mr. Alyassiry honored the media men as an evaluation for their efforts and role in transporting the real news to the citizen .