July 9th 2019

Sayed. Muhammed Majeed Almussawi , the secretary –General of ALkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines to it , stressed on that " the societies must adopt the biography of Imam Ali (AS) as a lantern for lighting the dark ways which is crushed by the injustice and corruption , because He Imam Ali ( AS) always supported the victims of injustice and defend their rights so the justice, freedom and principle of consolidating the humanity at Imam Ali ( AS) is a right for all."

That came during his Sayed. Almussawi attending to the conference of human rights in Geneva which was held under the patronage of Iraqi Shiite Endowment in participation of the department of the holy shrine in coordination with the representation of the republic of Iraq in Geneva. The conference was held on the sideline of 41st session of the human rights council –UN.

The Secretary –General cleared  that " the spreading of Imam Ali's (AS) thought and his vision toward the equality of the rights for Moslems and the humanitarian as in all was the aim behind our participation in the session ."

It is worthy to mention that the conference was held under the tittle : The Human Rights in Islam : Imam Ali as a model to introduce the Charter of Imam Ali ( AS) to the Governor of Egypt Malik Al ashtar .