2nd July 2019

An Islamic Delegation from Indonesia which represents the forum of Quran Reciters and Memorizers had gotten the honor in paying a visit to Alkufa Grand mosque and holy shrines attached to it . The delegation was accompanied by the in charge of and employees of the  Quranic House affiliated to the holy Shrine of Imam Hussein ( AS).

The delegation made a field tour to watch the historical and architectural sights in the mosque and Moslem's bin Aqeel ( AS) shrine where it expressed of its admiration in the developments and services offered to the honorable visitors of this holy place. The delegation was briefed about most important facts related to the mosque and holy shrines attached to it.

On its part , the delegation cleared the aim behind its visit which was to pay a visit to the Islamic and archeological sites in Alkufa city where it confirmed that these sights represent a great source for civilization and acknowledgement.

At the end of the visit , the delegation expressed of its deepest and gratitude for the warm welcome by the employees of Alkufa Grand Mosque and it prayed Allah ( SW) to guide them for serving this holy edifice .