June 22nd 2019

The cadre of 10 studio program, which is broadcasted daily at 10 am  by the republic of Iraq broadcast, was honored by paying a visit to ALkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it and it also was guest of Safiru Alhussein Broadcast .

The means of cooperation between the two broadcasts were discussed in order to rise the level of performance of the broadcast of Safiru Alhussein's cadre where a set of programs were put to support this bilateral cooperation benefiting from the experiences of Republic of Iraq Broadcast.

From its part, the delegation expressed of its gratefulness and thanks to the warmly welcoming and it hailed the efforts offered by the secreterait of Alkufa Grand Mosque in serving this holy edifice as well as it asserted on that Safiru Alhussein broadcast has the capabilities to categorize it within the distinguished broadcasts . Moreover, it Safiru Alhussein Broadcast is able to hold the responsibility of prompting the principles and thoughts of Ahlu-elbeit ( AS).