June 18th 2019

Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi , the secretary – general of Alkufa Grand Mosque asserted the necessity of bridging among the Islamic parts and unifying the instance to face the extremist and alienated ideas . That came during his receiving a delegation of scholars from Kirkuk Governorate at his office  after their getting the honor by paying a visit to Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it.

He Almussawi cleared that Almarjiyah of Annajaf Al Ashraf has a great role in promoting the unity of Moslems. From his part , His eminence Sheikh. Khalil Hassan , head of Turkman Scholars association and his accompanying Sheikh. Nadhim Hameed Alamerly , preacher of Arrahman Mosque , expressed of their thanks and gratitude for the distinguished welcome and hailing the efforts offered by the secretariat in achieving the projects which provide the honorable visitors with the needed services and its work in spreading the principles of the real Islam. The receiving was in presence of Mr. Abid Ali Khudair , head of public relation department at Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat.