June 15th 2019

The high committee of Assafeer Cultural Festival held an evaluative meeting to appraisal the activities of the 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival held by the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque, to overcome obstacles which may face holding the festival next year.

The attendees discussed the arrangements of the festival which due to be held next year and the axes of Moslem's Bin Aqeel prize for intellectual creativity.

The meeting referred to the competition of documentary films which launched within the activities of 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival and the axes of this competition of the next year were discussed , beside the competition of Arabic Calligraphy and Arabic Calligraphy Day which is held on the occasion of Imam Ali's birth. The printing of a folder about it was discussed.

The holding of book fair and the project of printing the cultural writings of the 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival were discussed. It is worthy to mention that the main goal of holding the book fair within the activities of the 10th Assafeer Cultural Festival is to encourage the culture of reading among the individuals of society.