June 15th 2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it held a festival for honoring the winners of Moslem's Bin Aqeel (AS) competition for photograph which was held within 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival.

The festival was started by reciting some verses of Holy Quran then Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi , Secretary- General of Alkufa Grand Mosque delivered a speech. He Almussawi started his speech by welcoming the attendees and considered the participation in the activities of Cultural festival as a part of Ahlu-elbeit service as well as the aim of participation is to  appear the gifts and to  encourage them. Moreover the participation came as a mixing of ideas for educating the Islamic states with Muhamadi message.

The axes of photograph exhibition of  this year were the holy shrines in the Islamic world also the exhibition represented the biography of Ameer Almu'mineen Ali ( AS) since his blessed birth inside Alka'aba till his martyrdom at Alkufa Grand Mosque on the occasion of passing 1400 years of Imam Ali's Martyrdom.

The competition witnessed the participation of 93 photographers from Iraq and abroad.

The top three winners were honored by the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque where from Babibl Iraq , Mr. Abdul Razaq Ane'ma had gotten the first place, From Annajaf Governorate , Iraq, Mr. Ali Salaam Almu'min had gotten the second place and from Maissan Governorate, Iraq,  Mr. Hamza Miz'el Hamzawi had gotten the third place.