June 13 2019

The engineering cadres of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat started in setting up a fence above the Tunnel of Moslem Bin Aqeel ( AS) . The fence is characterized with security features in order to regular the entrance of the honorable visitors.

Eng. Hussein Ali , supervisor engineer of the project , said that " the aime of the fence is to facilitate the entrance of the honorable visitors and separate the pedestrians crossing from track of cars , also it extends from the area near the holy shrine of Khadija ( AS) to the area next to the holy shrine of Maitham Atamar ( AS)."

" the fence is harmonized with the Islamic architecture and the security measures was taken in to consideration. Thus , it will be set up by two stages: the first one includes 400 m and the height is 3m where it is divided into two parts : the base is concrete and the iron part which is produced in the workshop affiliated to maintenance department." He cleared.