June 10th 2019

The session of declaring the winners of documentary films competition was held today.

Mr. Firas Alkuwaiti , the head of session , welcomed the attendees in his speech and he said that " we are living the occasion of passing 14 centuries of Imam Ali's (AS) martyrdom and because of the importance of this occasion, the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque has decided to make the activities of the 9th cultural festival allocate to research on this great figures of Imam Ali (AS). Thus , its decision was to add another axis to the axes of Assafer competition for the  cultural creativity that it is the documentary films and  interesting from the secretariat to cope with technological development, to show the high Islamic principles and to support the artists , directors and the specialists in this field ."

Dr. Jabar Judi , the president of Iraqi Artists' Syndicate considered that the cultural festival and the competition form a distinguished mark in Iraqi Cultural seen especially when this activity is done by a religious institute. He Judi said that this cultural opening is needed by the community explaining that the cooperation of the artists' syndicate with such activities is for developing them and put them in their artificial form.

After that the documentaries were displayed and the participators and members of arbitration committee , Dr. Jabar Judi , Dr. Shawkit Albayatia and the director. Jamal Ameen  were honored.