June 19th 2019

The Quranic session was held within the activities of 9th Cultural Festival headed by Dr. Haider Asihlani and its rapporteur Dr. Qassim Shaheed. The researches were discussed after they were submitted to the committee . The session was opened by reciting some verses of the holy Quran and then a speech of the secretariat  was delivered by Sheikh Hadi Zinjeel, head of Religious Affairs Department at Alkufa Grand mosque Secretariat . He Zinjeel welcomed the attendees and confirmed that the Secretariat has interested at spreading the Quranic culture.

Sheikh Hadi went on " the occasion of passing 14centuries of Imam Ali's  ( AS)  martyrdom and we  hold the conference of Quranic researches where most researches shed light on the connection between Imam Ali   ( AS) and Holy Quran being He Imam Ali ( AS) is the relator Quran  ."

It is worthy to mention that the number of participated researches is 16.