June 8th 2019

Sayed. Haider Sadiq Almussawe , head of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs at Alkua Grand Mosque secretariat  and the supervisor of  Arabic Calligraphy Competition of the 9th Assaeer Cultural Festival said that " The participations of the 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival are distinguished in the quality and quantity"

He Almussawe spoke to news center " The Arabic calligraphy Competition is an umbrella for whole the calligraphists in the Islamic world where there is variety basing on ethnic or ideology or nationality and there are a winners from all participating states being there is a great reaction made by the participators of competition and there is a hailing on the level of arbitration."

Sayed . Almussawe explained that " the competition included five type of Arabic Calligraphy : Kufi Font ,Fourteenth Century, Jali Thuluth , Noosikh, Diwani and Nestaliq while the number of participations was 165 from Iraq, Syria, Jordan , Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, India , Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey and Indonesia, the winner is 46 and there is top three prizes, 3 appreciative prizes and 3  Promotiveness prizes."