June 8th 2019

The porches of Alkufa Grand Mosque witnessed the opening of Photograph Exhibition which is lasted for ten days within the activities of 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival coincided with the passing of 14centuries of Imam Ali's ( AS) Martyrdom.

Mr. Ali Abdul Sattar , the in charge of Exhibition , said to the news center " The axis of exhibition was allocated to the biography of Imam Ali ( AS) and it is a series of pictures following the life of Imam Ali ( AS) from his birth at the holy Alka'aba till his ( AS) martyrdom in Alkufa City"

" the number of participations is 100 pictures and they were arbitrated by the arbitration committee to display 93 pictures and beside the participators from Iraq there were participators from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and Islamic Republic of Iran " He Abdul Sattar  added.

Mr. Ali mentioned that " the top three winners are Abdul Razaq Ani'ema from babil governorate- Iraq, the second is Haider Ahmed from Annajaf Governorate  and third is Hamza Hamzawi d from Muthana Governorate and also there were ten promtoviness prizes."