June 8th 2019

His Eminence Sayed Ala'a Almussawi , The head of Shiite Endowment , started his speech ,during the opening session  of the 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival held by Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat and attended by a crowd of Academic figures and Researchers , with the saying of Imam Ali (AS) ""Don't find the path of truth desolate, although its followers are but few"".

He Almussawi went on in his speech " Imam Ali (AS) went through paths where they were desolated from walkers through , He (AS) was unique in passing through them . since the mutiny of Asaqifa  He (AS) was isolated himself at his house and he chose to prefer the principle over the interests of earthly profits . He ( AS) even when he had gotten the ruling , he used it as a mean to achieve the justice . Thus,  up to now nobody can deal with the ruling such Imam Ali ( AS) did"

" He the commander of  the faithful( AS) sacrificed his ruling for the sake to fix the principles of Islam which  are still nowadays and his (AS)( biography became a Legal model  followed during the all times and it is adopted by the Islamic jurists. This way in ruling nobody followed it except Imam Ali ( AS)." Sayed. Almussawi referred to .

HE Almussawi concluded his speech saying that " we are living now in this occasion after 14 centuries  ago of Imam Ali's ( AS) martyrdom , we seek from his ( AS) biography the lessons which can be benefited from it in our daily life even political that it may reach to near this biography because in that there is the ultimate happiness for the individual and the society , praying Allah ( Exalted and magnified ) to fix our steps on His ( Exalted and Magnified ) and the guidance of the Commander of the faithful..