June 2nd 2019

Mr. Thulfiqar Alhaidari, Head of Media Department, successfully accomplished a visit to number of TVs and radios where He called on them to cover the activities of 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival held by Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat. The activities of the  cultural Festival will launch in the evening of Shawal 4th 1440 corresponding to June 8th 2019.

He Thulfiqar detailed mangers of TVs and radio about the importance of festival and its role in supporting the cultural arena with varied specializations as well as its role in shedding lights on the activities held by the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque aimed at spreading the thoughts of Ahlu Elbeit (AS) .

Mr. Thulifiqar's tour included paying a visit to the headquarter of Iraqi Artists Syndicate , Department of Cinema and Theater and College of Fine Arts to invite them to attend the session of documentary films which is due to be held within the activities of Festival.