June 8th 2019

The activities of opening 9th Assafeer Cultural Festival launched  today . They started in reciting some verses of Noble Quran then reading Surat Alfatiha on the souls of Iraq's Martyrs after that the  anthem of secretariat was red to be followed by welcome speech delivered by the secretary- general of Alkuaf Grand mosque.

Sayed. Ala'a Almussawe, head of Shiite Endowment, had a speech to talk about the occasion of passing 14centuries of Imam Ali's martyrdom. Mr. Ali Safeeh, Chancellor of  the  French Ministry of Education had a speech to talk about the same occasion. 

The activities witnessed delivering a poem by the Egyptian poet Mr. Ahmed Bikheet , displaying reportage about the festival, honoring the late Sayed. Muhammad Ali Alhilo and the top three of  the competition of writing and they were concluded by opening the two exhibitions of photograph and Arabic Calligraphy.