3rd May 2019

Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretary- General , Sayed. Muhammad Majeed Almussawi, confirmed that the support of Martyrs' families and help them is Everyone's responsibility and   this came through his receiving th delegation of Establishment of Martyrs in his office.
He Almussawi added that the dignity and honor, that the society is enjoying , were preserved and kept  their priceless sacrifices . Thus, Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat keeps going in offering the assistance to their families by what it holds from different activities .

From its behalf , the delegation of Martyrs Establishment appreciated the  unlimited efforts offered by ALkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat confirming on the unification of goals between the Establishment and the Secretariat aiming at respecting the sacrifices of Martyrs. 

It's worthy to mention that the secretariat of ALkufa Grand Mosque sponsors a number of orphans of Martyrs from those who responded  to the Fatwa of Ajihad Alkefa'e