Ramadan Holy Month preparations  adopted by ALkufa Grand Mosque for receiving Holy Month

Ramadan Holy Month preparations adopted by ALkufa Grand Mosque for receiving Holy Month

 تاريخ النشر : 04 May 2019  عدد الزيارات: 1  طباعة الخبر

May 3rd , 2019

The self – sacrificers are not those from whom only fight on the fronts but also those from whom work in the service of holy shrines and offer services to the honorable visitors of these holy places , especially through the month of Ramadan where they work around the hour .

And to know more about the preparations which are due to be adopted by Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it , the head of Religious affairs, Sheik Hadi Zinjeel  spoke to news center " there will be a great preparations for receiving the holy month of Ramadan where the Quranic section will hold four Quranic sessions two will be held in the morning while the other two will be held in the evening at Alkufa Grand Mosque , Mosque of Sa'sa'a , and Alhamra Mosque as well as Jurisprudence Stations will be set up after the prayer of Eisha'a and still opened till midnight to reply the inquires related to fasting."

" Hussaini affairs unit will work on holding a condolence session on 14th of Month  to commemorate the Martyrdom of Almukhtar Athiqafi (May Alla Be Pleased with Him) also The condolence sessions will be held on 19th  , 20th , 21st of the holy month to commemorate the painful occasion of Ameer Almu'mineen Ali' Bin Abi Talib Martyrdom where His Eminence Sheikh Ahmad Alrubai'e will be deliver an oration and the Hussaini reciter Hameed Atamimi will read poems on the occasion " he added

Sheik Hadi talked about the reviving the Nights of Qader " there will the 100 Rak'a prayer, reciting the Great Jushin supplication and number of authentic supplications preferred to be recite during the holy nights of Qader , also there will be a festival on 15th of Month to celebrate the occasion of Imam Hassan's birthday "

Sheikh Hadi  concluded  that "the ritual of Seclusion will be performed during the last ten days of Holy Ramadan and there will be the needed preparations which are due to be offered to the secluded by the secretariat to revive this ritual and the last activity will be the holding of Eid Prayer on the courtyard of Alkufa Grand Mosque on the first day of Eid Alfitr ."