4th April 2019

The hall of Moslem Bin Aqeel at Alkufa Grand Mosque witnessed the holding of festival for commemorating the Prophet's mission held by Imam Alkadhim University and under the sponsorship of the Secretariat of Grand Mosque.

The festival was opened by reciting a number of holy Quran verses , then reciting Surat Alfatiha on the souls of Iraq's martyrs after that the activities of the festival started by delivering a lecture by his eminence. Sayed Abdul Jabar Alawadi where he focused on the perfectness of our Prophet's characteristics qualified him ( Peace be upon him and his pure household ) to lead the Islam and its nation toward the right path.

The festival was concluded by presenting the deanery of Imam Kadhim University a certificate of appreciation to the Secretary-General of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Holy Shrines attached to it appreciating his efforts in keeping sponsoring the academic activities and participating in them.