20th March 2019

The committee of Seclusion at Alkufa Grand Mosque started in enlisting those from who want to perform the ritual of Seclusion at Alkufa Grand Mosque . The committee is supervised by the Secretary- General Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi.

The committee held a meeting to discuss the suitable mechanisms which should be adopted to supply the secluded persons with what they need from services.

The seclusion ritual is one of great worshipping and it is preferred to perform during the mid-month of Rajib and last days of Ramadan as well as Alkufa Mosque is one of four mosque where this ritual is preferred to do in it.

The head of committee said that the task of committee concentrates on supplying the performers of this blessing ritual by meals and suitabl place for three days and about the procedures of enlisting said that the Iraqi Id and guarantor are one of the enlisting procedures.

It's worthy to mention that the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque uses to receive a great number of secluded persons during the months of Rajib and Ramadan to perform this great ritual at Alkufa Grand Mosque.