20th March 2019

The secretariat of Alkuaf Grand Mosque held a festival to launch its project in selecting 12th Rajib , the day of entering Imam Ali (AS) to Alkufa City 36AH and adopted it as the capital of its blessing caliphate, to be the day of Arabic Calligraphy. The festival witnessed attending a number of academic figures and many Iraqi calligraphists.

The festival was opened by reciting verses from holy Quran, then the speech of Secretariat red by the head of cultural and intellectual affairs department, Sayed. Hayder Almussawi, welcoming the guests and congratulating them on the occasion of Imam Ali's birth .

Sayed Almussawi talked about the adoption of secretariat to this day for launching its project because most scholars and researchers agreed that Imam Ali ( AS) is topped the tree of Arabic calligraphy because He ( AS) the writer of Quran as well as He and his sons (AS) interested at the art of calligraphy.

The festival witnessed reading a poems by Sayed . Saif Athabhawi talked about the endless of Imam Ali's (AS) merits, also a lecture was delivered by the calligraphist Hadi Adaraji on his experience in writing the holy Quran The festival was concluded by the speech of Dr. Ruthan Buhyah , head of Iraqi calligraphists Association when he thanked and appreciate this move adopted by the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and its efforts in honoring the Arabic Calligraphy.