19 March 2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque uses to hold the cultural activities under its sponsorship as one of its goals to raise the  cultural awareness especially those held at the universities.

The grand hall in the University of Kufa witnessed launching the cultural week under the sponsorship of Alkufa Grand Secretariat where it witnessed the attendance of academic figures and students.

The delegation of represented the secretariat of Mosque was headed by the Secretary –General, Sayed Muhammad Almussawi,. The head of Cultural and intellectual affairs, Sayed. Hayder Almussawi, was a member of the delegation and he talked about the sponsorship of the secretariat for this activity " The secretariat goes on supporting and holding this kind of activities and one of these activities is the cultural season held by it for 4 months where most of its lectures were attended by the students of University of Kufa"  

Referring that " the shedding light on this kind of cultural  activities which are considered as a completion to the educational march ".

It is worthy to mention that the cultural week contains many  artistic activities  such as displaying plays, Quranic Contest , sport championships and contest of Inforamtion Bank.