14March 2019

The Secretary- General of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines و attached to it, Sayed. Muhammed Almussawi, the delegation of Kufa University headed by Dr. Hadi Hanoon Alaridhy to discuss the mechanisms of the bilateral cooperation in holding the cultural week annually held by the University.

Sayed.Alamussawi confirmed the readiness of  Secretariat in supporting and sponsoring  the cultural activities held by the Iraqi Universities  , beside its continuous efforts in supporting the University in the cultural , intellectual and scientific fields as well as Sayed. Almussawi has shown that the secretariat is ready to hold the Quranic Contest held as one of cultural week in Alkufa Mosque and under the supervision Quarn Unit of the Secretariat .

The delegation expressed of its thanks and gratitude to the efforts made by the secretariat of Kufa Mosque in supporting this  cultural  activity.

It's worthy to mention that holding the 10th cultural week  coincides with the occasion of Imam Ali's (AS) entering to Alkufa city on 12th Ragib 36AH , also the cultural week will include holding Exhibitions of Photograph and Arabic calligraphy.