12th March 2019

The religious department affairs at Alkufa Grand Mosque commemorated the Martyrdom of Imam Alhadi( AS) dated on 3rd Rajib 1441AH corresponding to 11th March 2019  by holding a condolence session.

The condolence session was launched by reciting verses from the Noble Quran , then an oration was delivered by his eminence Sheikh Mustafa Adujaily where in it his eminence talked about the biography of Imam Alhadi (AS) and his role in protecting the real Muhamadi school as well as he talked about his (AS) scientific role being he (AS) was as same as his fathers in spreading hadiths and teachings using the little freedom given to him by Abbasy authority at that time, so he (AS)  was sent the messages by the reporters of Hadiths and researchers.

His eminence  Sheikh Adujaily referred to that the prominent scholar Sheik Almajlisy reported that Imam Al Hadi ( AS) was assassinated at  the age of 40 by poison and He ( AS) inherited Imamate at the age of 6 from his father Imam Ajawad ( AS). Thus the time of his ( AS) Imamate lasted for 33 years.

It was worthy to mention that Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat revived this grievous occasion by participating in the condolence session held at the  Askariyain holy shrines in Samara'a.