11th March 2019

The unified Kufa city procession and under the patronage of Kufa Mosque Secretariat commemorated the event of Imam Hadi's ( AS) martyrdom in Samara'a city . The role of Secretariat was in participating with the holding condolence sessions held there , offering meals and services to the honorable visitors.

The head of Media Department, Mr. Thulfiqar Alhaidari, talked about the participation " the participation came responding to the instructions of Secretary- General of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat, Sayed.Muhammad Almussawee, in cooperating between the secretariat of Mosque and other secretariats of holy shrines,"

" a number of employees were sent to the holy Shrines of ASkarian's holy shrines for offering services , supporting the holy shrines of Askarian during the time of Zyarat ," He added

Mr. Alhaidari confirmed that"  this not the first time that the secretariat made this move but it uses to do this with other holy shrines during the time of Zyarats and events held by them."