24th Feb 2019

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it concluded the 6th National Quranic Contest for the students of Universities held at the niche of Moslem Bin Aqeel ( AS) and it lasted from 21st to 23rd Feb 2019.

The contest witnessed the participation of 30 Iraqi University where they participated with 49 participants. University of Kufa participated with 3 reciters, University of Baghdad participated with reciter and memorizer, University of Tikrit participated with reciter and memorizer while The Islamic University- Annajaf, Technology University, Duhok University , Middle Euphrates University, Muthana University, Wasit University, and Arafidain College University, Mazayah University and Oil Training Institut  participated with reciter only.

Moreover, Islamic College – Babibl, Karbal'a, Basrah, Mayssan, Babibl , Sulaimanyah, Imam Kadhim, Qadisyah and Anbar Universities participate with reciter and memorizer. Samara'a, Imam Athim Universities participated with 3 reciters and memorizers while Middle Technical and Almustansryah Universities participated with 2 reciters, also Alkafeel University, Basrah University of Oil &Gas , Basrah Engineering College and Shikhan University participated with 1 reciter.

The winners are : Malik Abdul Kadhim Shamkhi , Almustansryah University. was awarded third place , Ali Jawad Hussein, Almustansryah University. was awarded second place and Abddula Zuhair Hadi , Karbala'a University, was awarded first place in the contest of recitation . The contest of memorization was gone to Muntather Ra'ad Khalid, Mayssan University, was awarded third place, Hassan Abdul Ridha, Basrah University of Oil $ Gas, was awarded second place and Abdul Qader Kan'an Abdul Qader , Shikhan University, was awarded first place.