22nd Feb 2019

The hall of Moslem Bin Aqeel ( AS) witnessed the morning session of the first day of the 6th National Quranic Contest for the students of Universities.

The competition among the 52 participants was arbitrated by international arbitrators.

There were 13 participants in the morning session of  the first day. The arbitration committee was headed by Dr. Rafi'e Alamery, General manager of National Center for Quranic Center and it was membered by Dr. Khamis Alazawy, Natiq Azarqani, Dr. Abdul Khaliq Khalil, His eminence Sheikh. Adnan Asalihi, Dr. Ahmed Najafi, His eminence Sheikh. Ahmed Abdul Hay from Egypt , Dr. Fakhri Alegely, Sayed. Hassanian Alhilo, Dr. Mahdi Daghaglah from Islamic Republic of Iran and the rapporteur of Committee Mr. Ali Dawood.