2nd Feb 2019

The Secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it interests at studying the Islamic History and that comes in the activities held by it . One of these activities is Assafeer Cultural Festival.

This year 1440 A.H , the  axes of contest  have been allocated on the biography of the commander of the faithful Ali Bi Abi Talib ( AS) that is coinciding with passing 14 century of Ameer's Almu'mineen martyrdom, where these axes will contain writing , editing , Quranic Studies , essay, novel, play, story , short story , Arabic calligraphy an photograph, well as this year witnesses  the adding of documentary film as a new axis. 

The aim of this contest is to highlight the important sides of the figure of Ameer Almu'mineen ( AS) in building the Islamic State and Islamic Society.