27th Jan 2019

Alkufa Grand Mosque keeps on reviving the religious occasions related to the Infallible Imams (AS), their sons and companions by holding condolence sessions and Hiussaini Mawaqibs.

Shiekh. Hadi Zinjeel , head of Religious of Affairs, said that " the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it has done a number  of preparations to revive the occasion of Obituary of Alaqassim ( AS).

" there is a cooperation with Mawqibs of Kufa City to head from Alkufa to Alqassim city  on 22nd of Jumada Alawla 1440 corresponding to 29th Jan 2019 to revive the occasion of Alqassim's obituary, as well as , a cooperation has been made with the secretariat of Alqassim holy shrine to facilitate the entrance of Alkufa City Mawqib. Moreover , the secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque will offer all needed necessaries for holding the condolence session at the holy Shrine of Alqassim (AS)." He added.

Alqassim bin Imam Mosa Alkadhim (AS) was an honorable holy man and was  descendant of Prophet (Peace be upon him and his pure household . He ( AS) was distinguished by his  devoutness and he passed through a great dilemma after the death of his brother Imam Mosa Alridha ( AS) . His holy life was ended by a disease in 192 and to pass away in Suar city ( recognized as Alaqassim city now ) where his holy shrine is stood and elevated by a golden dome.