27th Jan 2019

Safeer Alhussain Broadcast participated  in 4th Conference of Union of Iraqi& Islamic TVs and Radios held under the patronage of Alkufa Grand Mosque and Imam Ali holy Shrine Secretariats . The conference has been held under the Slogan (Iraqi Broadcasts are our People Voice).

Mr. Thu Alfiqar  Alhaidary , head of Media department of Alkufa Grand Mosque Secretariat, talked in  a speech during the conference expressing of his and appreciate to the Union for its selection Safeer Alhussain broadcast as the  representative of  Broadcasts in this conference where Today ,Safeer Alhussain Broadcast becomes an important media outlet for what it has from Religious and Ideological vision harmonized with the visions of Almarji'yah.

As well as , Mr. Alhaidary  confirmed on the importance of spreading the culture and thoughts of Ahlu elbeit ( AS) and working on raising the awareness of society to reach for the  humanitarian perfectness called on it by Infallible Imams ( AS) .

Mr. Alhaidary summarized the most important activities, especially Asafeer Cultural Festival and its award. Moreover, the Quranic events held and sponsored  by the Secretariat.

Mr. Alhaidary called on founding a National and Moderate  speech  and précising it by issuing the regulates , he also mentioned the sacrifices of media men during the war against the terrorist gangs of ISIS.

Mr. Alhaidary concluded his speech by thanking and appreciating of Alkufa Grand Mosque role in holding this successful conference .