26th Jan 2019

The secretariat of Assahla Mosque opened the  new golden mausoleum of Imam's  Zain Alabdeen (AS) niche at the holy mosque where the opening was attended by his eminence Sayed Ala'a Almussawi , President of Shiite Endowment , Director –General of Holy shrines directorate , Sayed Mosa Taqi Alkulkhaly , Sayed.  Muhammad Almussawi , secretary- general of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy shrines attached to it and Mr. Muhammad Salaam Alkhafajy, Manager of Shiite Endowment office in Annajaf .

Secretary –General of Alkufa Mosque talked about this event " Assahla Mosque is considered one of the largest Islamic mosque built in first Hijri in Alkufa City where it's importance comes after the importance of Four Islamic Mosques ."

Sayed. Almussawi confirmed on keeping the full cooperation between the secretariat of Alkufa Mosque  and  the secretariat of Assahla mosque because both of them are located in the same Alawee city (ALkufa) and have the same virtue.

It is worthy to mention that the works of expansion included the holy niche , covering it with tiles, constructing tiled columns and it was elevated by a dome. Moreover, The front part of the mausoleum is made of gold contained two golden doors and three silver doors elevated by two  pure golden arch held verse of Night ( Alail) where golden palms split among its verses and they ornamented by Names of Allah.