Condolence Session on Martyrdom of Sheik Kareem Alkhaqani attended by Alkufa Grand Mosque Delegation

A delegation of Alkufa Grand Mosque attended the condolence session held on the martyrdom of Sheikh Kareem Alkhaqani, leaders of the combat forms of Imam Ali division at Alhananah Mosque.

The condolence session was held under the sponsorship of Shiite Endowment and its president his Eminence Sayed Ala'a Almusawi where his eminence attended the session.

The condolence delegation of Alkufa Grand Mosque was headed by the Secretary –General Sayed. Muhammad Almussawi and it was attended by Sayed. Musa Alkhulkaly, General- Director of the Directorate of Holy Thresholds and Shiite Shrines. Moreover the session was attended by official figures heading them Mr. Luay Alyassiri , the governor of Annajaf.

The condolence session started in reciting verses of Noble Quran then an oration was delivered to refer to excellence of the late Sheikh Khaqani's and how he was brave leader during his leadership of the division of Imam Ali fought the ISIS terrorist groups .

It is worthy to mention that the session was attended by the representatives of holy shrines.