“Even if no (period) remained left in time except for a single day, Allah would (still) send forth a man from my family to fill it with justice, just as it had been filled with injustice.” True are the words of Allah's messenger

The secretariat of Alkufa Grand Mosque and holy Shrines attached to it held a carnival on the occasion of Imam Alhuja (AS) coincided with the event of lightening 6th candles of Al Saferu Alhussain broadcast (AS). The people's Carnival was attended by Academic ,Journalists and the employees of Secretariat.

The carnival was started by recitation of Quran then Surat Alfatiha was red by the attendances in memory of Iraq's Martyrs after that the speech of the secretariat was delivered by the head of Media department Mr. Thulfuqar Alhaidary where he talked about the most important eras that the broadcast passed through in and to conclude his speech by presenting thanks and appreciation to all efforts made by the employees of broadcast .

His eminence Sayed Rasheed Alhussaini , one of prominent scholars at Alhwaza talked  about the importance of waiting the Guardian of the age  and how that forms a ritual must be practiced during the occultation of savior.

The poets had a place at the carnival where they recited the poems reviving the greatness of this occasion ( Birth of Imam Al Mahdi).